Transitioning from Office 365 Connectors to Power Automate: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Office 365 Connectors for Groups and SharePoint Online

In a recent update (MC798683, June 4, 2024), Microsoft has announced the phased retirement of Office 365 Connectors for Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint Online. This change will begin on August 5, 2024, and conclude on September 5, 2024. Post this period, Office 365 Connectors will no longer be supported in Outlook (Win32), Outlook Web Access (OWA), and the new Outlook for Windows (Monarch).

What Are Office 365 Connectors?

Office 365 Connectors are tools designed to capture notifications from various online data sources and post them into a specified destination, typically the Inbox of a Microsoft 365 group. These connectors have been particularly useful for integrating notifications from third-party applications such as Asana and Trello into Outlook.

However, these connectors are limited to delivering short messages (up to 28 KB) that provide brief updates and links to more detailed information. They have been primarily used for Outlook groups and are not configurable for other mailbox types or folders within group mailboxes.

Transition to Power Platform

With the discontinuation of Office 365 Connectors, Microsoft recommends organizations transition to using Power Platform, which offers a more versatile and robust set of connectors. Power Automate allows users to create custom cloud flows to post messages to group mailboxes and supports a wide range of data sources, including Salesforce and Jira. Note that some Power Automate connectors require a premium license.

Impact on SharePoint Online

Additionally, Microsoft has announced (MC793656, May 16, 2024) the retirement of Office 365 Connectors from SharePoint Online webparts due to limited usage. Starting June 15, 2024, site owners will no longer be able to add new connectors to SharePoint Online. By August 1, 2024, existing connectors will become unmanageable and cease to receive notifications.

Continued Support in Teams

While Office 365 Connectors will be phased out for Groups and SharePoint Online, they will continue to be supported in Microsoft Teams on a per-channel basis. Teams channels can still use these connectors to create new conversation threads for each notification. Moreover, Teams now integrates workflows powered by Power Automate, further emphasizing the shift towards no-code automation solutions.

Embracing No-Code Automation with Power Automate

This strategic move appears to be part of Microsoft’s broader vision to empower users as “citizen developers” through the use of Power Automate and the Microsoft Power Platform. With over 33 million monthly active users across 350,000 organizations (as of January 2024), Power Automate is positioned as the go-to platform for no-code automation within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Preparing for Change


As with any significant update in the Microsoft 365 environment, it is crucial to stay informed and prepared for the upcoming changes. Transitioning to Power Automate offers a unified, powerful platform for automation that aligns with Microsoft’s vision for the future.

At IK Technologies USA, we are here to help you navigate these changes and leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 and Power Automate for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your transition and enhance your productivity with innovative solutions.

Microsoft 365 Unveils Exciting New Features for 2024: What You Need to Know

Exciting Updates Coming to Outlook and Teams in 2024

This year, both Outlook and Teams received a host of new features. These enhancements include Copilot capabilities and a simplified process for creating channels and teams.

Microsoft 365 apps and services receive regular updates, driven by the Redmond tech giant’s collaboration with enterprise and consumer Insiders. Recently, voice dictation support was integrated into the new Outlook for Windows app. Now, classic Outlook and other Microsoft 365 services are set to introduce a range of additional capabilities.

Exciting New Features Arrive in Microsoft 365!

Microsoft has been busy enhancing its suite of productivity tools, and this month, several exciting features have rolled out.

Let’s dive into what’s new:

Outlook for Windows Gets Copilot Integration:

  • Copilot, your AI writing assistant, now helps you draft emails seamlessly.
  • Adjust tone and optimize email length effortlessly.
  • Available right within Outlook, starting this month!

Teams: Chatbot Access and Meeting Control:

  • Copilot joins your Teams chat list, accessible to licensed users.
  • Quickly tap into the chatbot’s capabilities without leaving the app.
  • IT admins gain control over watermarks for PowerPoint Live and Whiteboard.
  • Plus, manage external meeting attendance permissions—all live this month!

Teams Bonanza:

  • Streamlined channel and team creation process.
  • Granular activity feed control via notification cards.
  • Personalized channel feeds.
  • Live meeting status on mobile—know who’s in, recording, and call duration.

Remember, the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is dynamic, so features may evolve.